Get ready for your next adventure with this combo pack including 1x bag of Flow State: Peak Performance Blend, 1x bag of Single Origin: Papua New Guinea, and 1x Thermos with filter accesory.  


Our Flow State: Peak Performance Blend is our most dark and complex blend with the fruity notes of African Coffees, the body and earthy tones of Indonesian beans, and complex chocolate note from Central America to finish it off. It seems fitting that our most complex and bold blend would help us tap into our Peak Performance and into the Flow. 


Our Single Origin Papua New Guinea beans are starting to become an international favorite and have the similar earthy tones to that of it’s close Sumatran Cousin. Deriving from the critically acclaimed Jamaican Blue Mountain Seedlings in 1927, these beans offer a less bitter, clean medium bodied cup.  With floral notes and a more syrupy mouthfeel, we’re excited to share our Single Origin with you.


10% of this purchase is being donated to our conservation partners. 

Adventure Combo Pack

Whole Bean or Ground