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We're free spirited, adventurous, a bit of a wild child. We live unique lives, and care about quality vs quantity. We enjoy the outdoors, care about our natural playgrounds, and preserving the wilderness for our own children and all future generations. 

We use 100% organic coffee, purchased under fair trade prices with better working conditions for our famers. 

We are committed to helping do our part in leaving this world a better place then we found it. We will be donating 10% of from the sales of our coffee towards protecting and preserving the wilderness. 

We use only Fair Trade coffee, which ensures that our farmers aren't victims of forced labor or poor working conditions, and in return receive fair prices. Our coffee is grown through sustainable methods, without genetic modification.


Participating in Fair Trade ensures better benefits for the farmers which means they can focus solely on producing great coffee. 

100% Organic means it's just Coffee- No pesticides, synthetic fertilizers,  genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.


Simply put, it's just good tasting coffee.